HOLIDAYS07: 2008 and Beyond

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2008 and Beyond

The PSP naysayers have had a lot of ‘splaining to do recently: the PSP’s sales in Japan and America fueled by hot releases skyrocketed and stayed steady after weeks and weeks; the PSP beat the DS in software sales for the first time in months; and a new PSP had naysayers rethinking their “myths” about loading times and battery life. For those PSP owners who are listening to those naysayers saying that the PSP won’t do well in 2008, ignore them and listen up as the future only holds exciting news…(Jump!)
Games, Games, Games, Games ~ In case you’re one of those “on-the-fence” potential PSP owners, this one’s for you. 2008 will bring what I’m sure will be an exclusive overhaul of original content for the PSP. Looking to enter its third year in the portable market, SONY has to thank the third-parties for helping them out. Square Enix, EA Sports/Games, and Capcom have helped them out in the software department. Next year, that will all change. While we are expecting big releases: a Monster Hunter-expansion of all sorts from Capcom, the next slew of sports games from EA, and perhaps Dissidia in Japan and Crisis Core in Europe, Oceania, and stateside from Square Enix, it’s the first-party titles that will surely move units. Next March, SONY and the folks at Ready-at-Dawn are planning the “barbaric”, “majestical” launch of God of War: Chains of Olympus, the first portable outing for the best-selling PS2 title. It’s not a port, not a remake, but rather a prequel to the other games, focusing on some RPG-action thus far unseen on the PSP in everywhere but Japan. Its launch is very critical to the continued success of the PSP in the United States and Europe. If that’s not enough, SCEA is planning to launch Secret Agent Clank (a bold venture for the R&C franchise) and Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, in addition to Patapon, the next Bleach game in Japan, Echochrome worldwide, and an MMORPG focusing on DC Comics’ superheroes. If you’re looking to get a fix on hawt portable games next year, the PSP is the place to be.

PSOne Games Straight to Your PSP ~ SONY is planning the launch of a Playstation Store that doesn’t require the PS3. Being that the PS3 is currently the only hub that will transfer emulated-PS1 games over to the PSP at small costs, this one’s big. It will start with a launch in Europe next year, hopefully to be followed by stateside, Oceanic, and Japanese launches. We’re also hoping that the Store includes movie downloads, TV show downloads, some music downloads, and a podcast directory. Because the PSP is not just a gaming device, the PS Network is pertinent to the PSP’s success. Though three year’s late, there’s no better time to own a PSP.

My Predictions:

  • Don’t be surprised if Square-Enix launches Crisis Core sooner than you think. The highly-anticipated game tore up the charts in Japan just a few weeks ago, and the American-launch of the War of the Lions remake was very successful. Square-Enix knows that Final Fantasy is very popular in Europe, Australia, and the states, and I’m sure they won’t hold off for too long. Also, the FF-fans awaiting the launch of the PS3-vert can get the PSP and FF first to satisfy their Final Fantasy cravings. Chances: 90%
  • GoW: Chains of Olympus is going to be barbaric. The first and second games were strong performers on the charts and it will be no surprise to see Olympus move hardware. Because it is also so popular worldwide, predictions are that the PSP overtakes the DS in America and Europe for a few weeks of glory before SONY quickly announces a “sequel”/’prequel’ to Olympus. Chances: 85%
  • The Playstation Store could be a huge entity for SONY. While they’ve been all hush about plans to launch the Store on PSP and PC, I can imagine more convenient PSP-downloading features and stronger Wi-Fi support for the PSP with the store’s launch. More PSP owners will actually tap the network button next year. Chances: 70%
  • DS-devs have not-surprisingly touched “MMORPGs” because the DS’ capabilities pale in comparison to SONY’s, and also because SONY has Sony Online Entertainment on their backs. Expect an MMORPG that not only moves units but bares comparison to even World of Warcraft. Chances: 65%
  • The PSP-camera was a minor hit in Europe and Japan, but it’s time for a stateside release. Like, quick. Chances: 55%
  • The LocoRoco devs will satisfy us all with news of a third-LocoRoco outing and new “exciting” game that they’re developing. Chances: 80%
  • CES in Las Vegas will become a bigger gaming outing, GDC and Sony’s Gamers Day will become more prominent, EA will be a snooze-fest, and Leipzeg and other international conferences will take the trophy. Chances: 95%

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HOLIDAYS07: The Guide! Playstation Store Launches Worldwide!

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