ROUNDUP: The Cereal Edition

November 4, 2007 at 9:59 pm Leave a comment

WEEKLY ROUNDUP for 10/29-11/3 ~ We’ve done compilations of everything we’ve had for the week (see: WWWF, the short-lived Weekly Roundup), but this is one I’m finally committing to. A full compilation of absolutely everything important that went down this week for those of you who love compilations. It’s a quick and easy way to find everything good that happened this week wrapped up into one.

But it’s also a good way for me to tell offbeat stories about things I’ve just wondered about. Had LocoRoco been widely successful in Japan, I could actually imagine a LocoRoco cereal, those Japanese gamers and everyone alike pulling out a bowl and dumping some yellow LocoRoco-like cereal into it, along with marshmallow MuiMui extras. Of course, there is one problem to this awkward fantasy: one, LocoRoco wasn’t widely successful in Japan. But to say that it couldn’t be accomplished is false, because Kelloggs actually produced a Pokemon cereal a long time back. Thanks to the dwindling popularity of the television show, movie properties, and trading cards, it has been discontinued, but even still, there actually was one, right? All the weekly stuff after the jump

Okay, so SOCOM didn’t turn out to be so good after all…
…but a Halloween contest winner was announced…
and our Holiday Guide is coming November 12th!
but all you want are some pickories out of it (and we don’t mind)

PSP News
Manhunt 2 gets “good” ratings despite console versions being bashed
…and gets hacked, revealing that uncensored portions of the game are still available…
All the while, a Warhammer demo was released to the public!

PS3 News
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is a hawt game and Lancer’s new obsession…
…and the price-drop brings new questions to potential and current PS3 owners


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MetaReview: SOCOM: Tactical Strike (PSP) HOLIDAYS07: The Guide to Everything PSP

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