Cocoreccho Not a Screensaver?! and More “Reviews”

September 22, 2007 at 12:47 am 4 comments

Despite generally negative reviews for LocoRoco or Boo Boo Cocoreccho, the PS3 “interactive screensaver” that made its way to the general public on Playstation Network today, many LocoRoco fans and other reviewers across the net had better hands-on looks, impressions, and reviews. Because I do not own a PS3, it’ll be hard for me to tell who to base your opinions on, but feel free to look at the better side of the spectrum…

To be perfectly clear, the PlayStation Network release is not a screen saver. It’s a fully featured sequel to the PSP blob guiding adventure game. But how does LocoRoco Cocoreccho differ from its predecessor? For one thing, you’re no longer controlling the tilt of the world and the adorable gelatinous creatures that inhabit it. Instead, you’re controlling a butterfly, one that emits a guiding pulse that attracts the blobs, helping you maneuver them through dangerous platforms. The only complaint I have about the game is this—it’s unbearably unenjoyable. (Kotaku)

This Kotaku interview was included in the compilation that was released earlier on the forums, but we’re hearing from Kotaku that it’s not a screensaver once so ever.

My fellow LocoRoco fans, this may be one of the worst missourcing incidents in our history, and possibly the entire history of video gaming. Boo Boo Cocoreccho, or as it’s ACTUALLY called, LocoRoco Cocoreccho, is in no way a screensaver. I don’t know who screwed up here, but my guess is it’s the same guy who screwed up on the name. While it may be a screensaver in Japan, and may even be called Boo Boo Cocoreccho, it’s certainly not here. Here’s some random facts:

It only has one ending (so far as I’ve seen, but I’ve yet to finish the game 100%, so I could be wrong) but you have to beat the game many many times in order to unlock the whole game, as a new section opens up with a “Mui-Mui gate” each time you go through the new part of the game and then beat it. In a way, the game is not so different from the original, and you should catch on rather quickly to it (especially if you read the manual). The game’s simplicity has changed little to none, but now that the SIXAXIS is brought in to play, there are many more secrets and puzzlers, just like in the original. Secret areas and breakable walls return again, and there are also flowers to shake off the screen (using the SIXAXIS), locoroco to shake off of vines (again using the SIXAXIS, but most of the vines must be grown by having your locoroco touch them so that they’ll grow), and much fun to be had with this game, so why have we scoffed at it so much? If you own a PS3, and your parents have a credit card (or if you do) get this game for sure, it only costs 6.99 (US currency), it doesn’t seem to have any tax, and it has a miniscule 295 MB of size (that’s less than most 3d demos!!!). So why scoff at it? Join in the fun with LocoRoco Cocoreccho!!!! (That’s the title with three more exclamation marks at the end. Cheesy ) (lancer, via the forums)

Cocoreccho! structure functions much like a gigantic playground. Unfortunately, that means that this isn’t really a full game, either. There are plenty of hidden secrets and little things to find, plus a neat leaderboard feature that tracks your score, Loco Roco count, and time taken to reach the “end.” At the same time, though, it’s just relaxing to fool around with the environment and watch your Rocos get caught up in all the crazy contraptions that litter the game. (Sony Drone)




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  • 1. Faith  |  September 27, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    I was having withdraws from locoroco because my child broke my ps3. Then the other day I saw a new Locoroco in the PlayStation store. Bought it… Played it… thought it would be more… would not call in a “screen saver”. I could not put it down. It was fun, interesting, oh so annoying at times. Over all good game jus really was it worth $7.99? yeah you get what you pay for but more than one level or explaing the game a bit more would have been nice… ok well thats my 2 cents… HAVE A NICE DAY YALL!!!

  • 2. locoroco  |  September 28, 2007 at 1:33 am

    Glad that you enjoyed it?
    Mind me asking, but did you fix your PS3 or replace it?

  • 3. mandeng  |  June 20, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    im crazy about this game.. sooo cute and funny.. “so hard to get 100% ?! woooosshhh!! i almost perfect every stage.. you just got to explore. boring?..a bit, but every stage get better and better and harder.. you can also build and customize your own locohouse and play minigames.

  • 4. ps3 repair guide  |  February 18, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Outstanding words…clap clap clap.
    My thoughts are likewise…we are INTERACTIVE DEVS period. We will use the technology we think that best fits the project needs…enough said!!
    Great post Grant.


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