Previewrama2: Sonic Rivals 2

August 6, 2007 at 4:40 am 2 comments

Previewrama2 :: Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP)
Release Date :: November 2007 [tentative]

Sonic’s first entry onto the PSP came last year in the format of Sonic Rivals, a fast-paced racing game attempting to appeal to both nostalgic Sonic fans and newcomers who simply wanted a great game. What we found was a beautiful game with a few costly flaws, but in the end, the game surpassed my expectations and it still has longevity to this day. SEGA recently confirmed Sonic Rivals 2, and the developer, Backbone Entertainment, has promised to add more characters and levels, all the while increasing multiplayer support and adding new trading cards. So the big question is, why did it make Previewrama and why should you buy it?

As bad of a comparison as it sounds, the Rivals franchise is much similar to Mario Kart games of the past. In Kart games, you race characters from Nintendo’s long line of platformers and Mario games against each other. In Rivals, you race characters that popped up on different Sonic games versus each other sans the karts, all thanks to the enormous speed each has.

And so far, there doesn’t seem to be any shortcomings with the game so far. Only Tails, who popped up on the storyline versions of the first, has been confirmed, but thanks to a leaked screenshot, we’re able to confirm Espio as another character. Like I’ve said before, nostalgic Sonic characters would want the rarer breed of Sonic characters like Jet the Hawk. While I’d love to see a long line of choices, I must admit that I can only see Amy Rose or Rouge coming besides Tails and Espio.

In the original, there was pretty much three ways to play: story mode, challenge mode, and multiplayer mode. Undoubtedly, the choices were limited, so SEGA will add a classic single player mode, reminiscent of the good ol’ Sonic the Hedgehog days. If that’s not enough, SEGA will add five more battle modes, including Tag. All of these new ways to play are intriguing and it might warrant a purchase from consumers who pushed the first aside.

In the first, and coming in the second, will be unique powers available to each character. Sonic, for example, has Sonic Boom, which will increase his speed to the maximum. Generic powers will also remain: magnets that pull in coins for you and don’t require excessive jumping and hopping, mines that drop behind you, etc. What these powers do is make room for competitiveness and keep things leveled.

Multiplayer is something becoming increasingly important in this gaming world that we live in, so it’s no wonder we all just would love to see Rivals 2 implement more multiplayer features. Unfortunately for us, though, we’ll probably only see the same Ad-hoc gameplay (even though I raved it before) plus game sharing, which is handy to influence your friends and family to get in on the action.

Overall, Rivals looks promising and clearly fun. Games are supposed to be engaging, compelling, long-lasting, and beautiful. And Sonic Rivals 2 has all the kinks to become an even better game than the first, and perhaps one of the best in the series itself.



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