Sonic Rivals 2 Impressions and Gameplay, via GameSpot

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When Sonic Rivals hit the PSP late last year, I was curious and made a purchase–a cautious, $40 purchase. I expected to be both impressed and disappointed, as I look up to Sonic as one of the few decent videogame heroines left. (Most heroines today are tainted and are called ‘heroin’es for purposes other than being heroes) I was slightly impressed with my initial review, but found that the game became better after utilizing all of the features. Then, following rumors across the net regarding a sequel, SEGA confirmed that our hero would be back for second pickings, but valuable ones. GameSpot had a nice hands-on with the game, and we have our impressions after the break. Also, check out some awesome Rivals 2 gameplay in our VodPod.

SEGA’s lovely confirmation revealed new characters and maps, but also revealed new trading cards and new multiplayer features, the viable game-sharing is now an option. GameSpot reveals that SEGA is still holding off on some new character additions, but a confirmed list shows that only Tails was added and gameplay remains the same:

A couple of the playable characters are also being kept under wraps for the moment, but we can tell that the roster will definitely include Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, and Metal Sonic. The basic controls for all of the characters will be the same, though each of them will be able to perform a unique signature move after collecting enough of the aforementioned rings.

I hope that SEGA will add Amy Rose and possibly Espio the Chameleon–one of my favorites from the Sonic universe. Amy Rose will appeal to a broader audience, which can only help its eventual appeal.

Each character has its own unique move that distinguishes it from other characters, like in the original, but there are more power-ups and features in the second vert:

Sonic Rivals 2 will feature a number of power-ups that can be used to gain an advantage over your opponent. Only two had been implemented in the demo version that we saw: Mines that you drop behind you to slow down your rival and make them drop their rings; and magnets that circle around you, pulling in nearby coins.

Great. Many critics of the original game complained that it didn’t have much of an identity. It became repetitive and easy unless you actually utilized half of its features–for me, it was easier because I knew someone who also owned the original and we had multiplayer races. Adding new features inside the game will help vary who wins and who doesn’t.

Overall, the second vert might warrant a purchase from me considering what I’ve heard so far, but I won’t make my judgment until the reviews roll out. 😛


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