Joystiq Interview Reveals New PSP Ambitions

July 23, 2007 at 5:46 pm Leave a comment

As much as I’d love to say that SONY is seriously committed to the PSP thanks to a recent redesign and a hot list of upcoming games, I still must say that we haven’t seen the “killer application” SONY has promised just yet. After all, Gran Turismo Mobile is still not on shelves over three years after its original announcement, and many third-party apps have been apparently shelved. Now, the future seems bright.

In a recent interview with Sony of America senior VP Phil Rosenberg and Sony of America PSP senior marketing editor John Koller, Joystiq revealed that Home, the Second Life-like MMO that will soon make its way to the PS3, will probably come to PSP. They are currently unsure of how Home will be used on the PSP, but it’s likely to say it will be more of a supplement to the PS3 vert. The big news comes in this quote, revealing that some new announcements for the UMD format are coming:

You’re going to be surprised on some of our announcements involving UMD. We’re enabling more and more entertainment value and taking away some of the cost barriers to participate for the consumer and we’re enhancing the product…..And this isn’t long-term in-the-future stuff. This is new things that continue to evolve around PSP and PlayStation.

Mmm…interesting. I’m excited to here about it. Hopefully it means THIS year and not 2008, though. 🙂


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