E307: What To Expect from SONY Today

July 11, 2007 at 6:01 pm 3 comments

Today at 11:30AM PDT/2:30PM EDT, SONY’s big press conference, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, will commence. Our favorite handheld, the PSP, has a bit of catching up to do, so what can we expect from the hardware and software giant which has received a ton of criticism recently? The PS3 still has quite a bit of catching up to do: SONY says they don’t care about exclusivity, but they might have to use some fat cash to get exclusive and hawt hardware-movers. Furthermore, the price-cut could truly help PS3 sales. What will we find out about the Playstation Network? PSP sales have increased two-fold across the world, thanks to Ratchet & Clank, MGS: Portable Ops, and Monster Hunter 2, but how can SONY fully capitalize on the PSP’s killer capabilities to truly create a “killer app”? Check after the jump for our expectations…

  • SONY will push exclusive and hawt software titles- Expect Killzone 2 and God of War: Chains of Olympus to get big pushes from SONY. Every single critic of the PS3 and PSP have complained that they’re no “killer apps” that truly show off both of these device’s true capabilities. You can expect not only these two, but a couple more.
  • SONY will focus a lot on bringing the “Playstation Network” to everyone- Yes, and that doesn’t only mean the PSP. SONY wants to bring the Playstation Network to everyone like Microsoft has for XBOX Live, and you can expect SONY to do a lot to push the PS Network, and that includes highlighting Home and another MMO.
  • The unveiling of a new PSP or new peripherals- This one’s a toss-up, but it’s easy to say now that you can expect a new PSP from SONY or at least new peripherals. SONY will announce more support for the PSP with a possible sequel or new peripherals. You can count on it.
  • Something with LocoRoco is coming…- We are all waiting. And when it does happen, we will all cheer gladly. We are just crossing our fingers Tsutomo Kounu or Gregg Tavares or some of the LocoRoco developers will be at E3 pushing a LocoRoco sequel or PS3 edition.
  • SONY will preview and date the Station Launcher digital distribution system- The PSP has lacked a digital distribution system since its launch, so when SONY promised a Station Launcher system which would resemble iTunes in the way it worked, featuring movies, possibly music, and possibly PSOne emulation downloads, we imagined it being displayed at E3. You can surely bet on it!


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