E307: SONY Press Conference

July 11, 2007 at 6:08 pm 1 comment

Today, I live-blogged the SONY press conference in parts; most of my comments are notes and complaints. I am going to break down the interview into smaller words for those who just don’t want to read all that much. Thanks so much for you time!

Part One: SONY is showing the different color backgrounds of their XMBs on the PS3 and PSP before the conference…and now SONY is showing a video montage with the PS3, PSP, and O, X, and triangle buttons. Jack Tretton is speaking from Home, the MMO that SONY has been hyping. “Looking good, ladies!” exclaims Tretton at the sight of three virtual women, and then Tretton comes out in real life. Now, he’s promising GAMES, GAMES, and more GAMES, along with “a few surprises”. Oooh, LOCOROCO 2, MUCH? Tretton is going over the PS3 price-cut stuff right before he reminds everyone that surprises are also coming. Check after the jump for more SONY press conference notes!

Part Two: There are more than 140 games coming to PSP this year, Tretton says, along with SONY’s plan to ship 9 million PSP games. First on the spectrum, SOCOM: Tactical Strike, followed by WipEout Pulse. Both look gorgeous. Amazing! Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow has dark music, but looks just amazing, graphics and all. NBA 08: Block Party is then shown on the screen…and then smashing rock music pulls us in to God of War: Chains of Olympus followed by Silent Hill: Origins, techno music accompanied by sheer violence. Uh-huh! SONY now shows off a new game called Patapon, where songs are being sung in LocoRoco fashion–say wha? Is this the ingenious work of Tsutomo Kounu? This is followed by Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour 08 and Sonic Rivals 2, both of which look great at this point in time. This is then followed by The Sims 2: Castaway; usually all Sims 2 PSP editions suck, but this one actually looks original. SWAT: Target Liberty combines a SOCOM storyline with Killzone gameplay! The gorgeous Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions comes out to play and looks stellar. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles shows a side-scroller, beautiful gameplay and perhaps complex–we were promised ingeniousness and I think that’s what we’re about to see with this game and every other PSP game shown!

Part Three: Jack Tretton is back on Home and he meets Kaz Hirai, who is grilling up some turkey hot dogs and hamburgers–he leaves Tretton to finish the grilling and comes out in real-life. Now, Hirai reveals a new PSP which looks the same! 33% lighter, 19% slimmer, more efficient, faster loading times, etc. Kaz begins by showing a video-out cable, which many of us have been waiting for. He’s just connected it to a television and it’s playing. OMG! THIS IS STELLAR! EXCELLENT! HE SAYS IT’S COMING THIS SEPTEMBER! He has paused, displayed, and played the video and then hits the DISPLAY button to transfer it back to the PSP, and applause ensues. He touts the full “Remote Play” capability (accessing everything from your PS3 anywhere in the world through a wireless hotspot). Europe and Japan will get their own versions, but Hirai welcomes back Tretton to unveil colors for the new PSP. It will be available in Piano Black and Ice Silver. The PSP Entertainment Pack will retail for $199.99 in September, coming with the Ice Silver PSP, Daxter, 1GB memory stick, and a Family Guy UMD pack. Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron will launch with a special PSP Entertainment Pack, featuring a special white PSP with Dark Vader’s face on the back; it’ll be $199.99, arriving in October. They’re showing video footage of the game, and it looks amazing; congratulations SONY. This is a great move. (But is there a flash drive coming?!?!)

Part Four: Now, Tretton is going to talk about the Playstation Network, and hopefully this will mean it’s arrival soon enough on the PSP. Phil Harrison comes out to talk about new games and new things coming to the Network. Harrison introduces a new game coming to PSP on UMD and PS3 via Playstation Network: Echochrome, the next simplistic PSP/PS3 game. This seems a bit far fetched and awkward, classical music accompanies a small guy walking around, up stairs, and in tons of places. Very simplistic, black and white, and Nintendo-ish. Harrison says that the level is only the easiest. WipEout HD, Pain, Warhawak, SOCOM: Confrontation, and others will soon be available on Playstation Network. WipEout is pretty much self-explanatory, but Pain requires you to cause AS MUCH pain as possible to a person. This one was first shown at GDC, but still looks unique here. Warhawk vids then come up, patriotic music appearing, and violence erupting–men, tanks, and planes causing chaos. Confrontation also looks great. It’s good to note that most of these games will also be available on Blu-Ray, giving SONY two platforms to sell all of these games on; great idea! Now, Phil’s about to talk Playstation Home, and how SONY has given some new features to the game.

Part Five: Harrison announces that some of the big features of Home will be available straight from a SONY Ericcson phone whenever the gamer isn’t at their PS3. He takes a group photo of everyone. Before, it was the “Home Lounge”, but now there’s the “Home Square”, which is an outside plaza, almost, showing different areas to play games, chat with people, etc. Everyone will have their own personal spaces, but Harrison walks us past a theatre and then a montage begins. In what seems like a desert, people are dancing and such. Harrison is then sitting in a ski lodge in Norway. (This is all happening in the game, yet again) Harrison is standing next to a large flat-screen television, wearing a racecar suit. He talks about Singstar, showing people dancing, music videos playing, a store where people can purchase music, and more. And Harrison’s looking at the group photo he took with the Ericcson phone straight from Home; he reveals the ability to upload things to Home from cellphones and such. He reveals a Home social networking web site, featuring blogs, videos, news, and more. It can be accessed straight from the net. Using a virtual PSP in Home, you can launch a Blu-Ray game already in your PS3, something straight from your PS3 hard-drive, etc. This is amazing. Now, Phil’s gonna play Motorstorm straight from Home…Phil’s hauling ass in Motorstorm, loud sounds and great visuals coming from a new downloadable track available on Playstation Network. Phil’s done with Motorstorm so he quits the game, taking him right back to Home.

Part Six: Over the past thirty minutes, SONY has gone over a roster of third party games: Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3, Madden NFL 08, etc. and announced that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the last MGS made by Hideo Kojima and an exclusive PS3 game. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Folklore, and Heavenly Sword were all deeply previewed. Right now, the lineup looks stellar. The Sly Cooper-guys are creating Infamous, a game where you can choose the path of superhero or anti-hero. Right after the trailer, Harrison begins talking about Gran Turismo, bringing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to the PS3 with online play sometime soon.

Part Seven: And suddenly, Killzone on all four gorgeous 1080p screens, Phil Harrison saying, “Everything you are about to see is real-time”. Friggin awesome. And then the F-word pops out of somebody’s mouth. Screaming ensues as violence erupts. Lightning and thunder in the sky, wild and vicious. Gameplay is just so great.

And that’s it!



E307: What To Expect from SONY Today E307: SONY Press Conference [Breakdown]

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