E307: Nintendo Press Conference

July 11, 2007 at 3:52 pm 1 comment

Today, I live-blogged the Nintendo press conference in parts; most of my comments are notes and complaints. I am going to break down the interview into smaller words for those who just don’t want to read all that much. Thanks so much for you time!

Part One: Nintendy’s conference is inside, and the press get chairs! There goes Nintendo, sucking up to the press again! Nintendo’s introduction is a video showing all the hype and buzz around Nintendo’s DS and Wii. The end is snazzy jazz music and roaring claps. Reggie Fils-Aime’s first words are “I am Reggie…and I am happy!” Reggie said that E32006 was an indication that video gaming would take its place around the television, iPods, and more as leisure gaming. He also says that gaming has expanded and had growth only because of Nintendo. (69% of it comes from Nintendo) They show a pie chart with the portable gaming market and show the majority of it being the rest, and a small green portion being the GBA and then everyone laughs. A third of gamers are 25 or over (Reggie: “it’s where the potential lives”). Now, Reggie is going to finally stop talking about gaming and talk about friggin Nintendo for goodness sakes!

Part Two: Now, he begins to tout the DS having enormous growth in Japan amongst older and female audiences. And males 6-24 make up the majority of the gaming spectrum. The over-50 men demo shows that 1/8 of over-50 men are playing Wii and that over 10% of over-50 women are playing it, too. Okay, we get that you’re doing better than everyone else. Now, tell us about Brawl and Galaxy. He says that critics say that the Wii is just a fad, and he says he would’ve said the same thing. “Wii is poised to become the #1 worldwide in this generation very soon”, says Reggie. “The reality is this: Nintendo is not a fad, Nintendo is the future”, he continues. North Americans will have 140 more titles to play on DS and 100 titles to play on Wii–and 60% of them will be crappy.

Part Three: Reggie begins to tout third-party gaming, but I cannot believe that because these games get terrible ratings. Now a vid begins playing showing people playing around with their Wii (no dirty remarks, yet). Funny thing, Veronica Belmont’s head-to-head comparison of the DS and PSP showed her giving round 1 to the DS, but the truth is that the PSP won that comparison. He just introduced the “Wii Zapper”, the new offspring of the Wii nunchuk and controller. The Zapper, he says, has the potential to help you out in shooting games. And, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles will be evolutionary and revolutionary, using the Wii Zapper. “Zap a Zombie”, he says. Ghost Squad and Medal of Honor Wii will use the Wii Zapper. Reggie unveils a “Wii Zapper project” and touts it being available for $19.99 and free inside some games. Pretty good.

Part Four: Reggie begins to talk about Soul Caliber for Wii made by “Bandai Namco”, err, “Namco Bandai” and now he’s talking about WWE Smackdown heading to both the Wii and DS. Now, he’s talking about Square Enix coming to Wii with deep RPGs, featuring a new Dragon Quest coming later this year and the Mario and Sonic Olympic game. Reggie is about to talk about Super Smash Bros. Brawl. OMG, TEH GREAT, TEH AWESOME!! SSBB will be able to use all 4 controllers and will be arriving DECEMBER THIRD to WII! OMFG!

Part Five: Reggie starts a video promising more action to the Wii and a few developers come up and begin talking about the Wii experience–how Wii Sports made them feel differently about this console than any other. In a good way, I imagine. Now, Reggie invites these two developers to help test out some new games. They’re going to talk about Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for DS, and how all of the touch-screen capabilities might make it seem hard, but that it’s going to be interactive and revolutionize key features of the game. Now, the other developer is coming up to play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Reggie calls it “the best FPS control ever”. Aiming and firing is completely easier than before and it’s much better, too. If Samus uses hyper mode, the ultimate battle attack, too long, she’ll be “corrupted”, just like the title says. It’s really supposed to be a big part of the game.

Part Six: Many are complaining about Nintendo not getting serious about Wi-Fi, but Reggie thinks differently. A video begins showing touting the DS’ wireless functions: headset chats, wireless play, communication and Wii’s wireless functions: accessing the internet, being able to play a lot of different games, etc. 5.5 million DS users have used the wireless functions of it, and Reggie has a major diss against Microsoft: it doesn’t cost a single buck. Also, 5.6 million downloads have resulted from the Wii Virtual Console and 112 VC games are currently available. Beginning next year, WiiWare will provide original content and standalone games to Wii owners. WiiWare will be channel. “Check Mii Out” is a brand new channel providing contests and promotions, grading Miis and crap like that. Yawn; who cares. NOBODY FRIGGIN CARES! And now Reggie says that he knows what we’re thinking: that Nintendo will never get serious about gaming. He begins touting the lame Pokemon Battle Revolution and the good-looking Mario Strikers Charged will be wireless. EA Sports is coming out with wireless capabilities for Madden NFL 08 and FIFA 08, which sounds pretty good. I want Strikers Charged and Madden NFL 08! And now the big Wii game that I want: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock will have a wireless Les Paul controller and provide wireless gameplay. I now believe that Nintendo is getting serious, maybe. And now Reggie has a great announcement.

Part Seven: Mario Kart Wii is coming soon, with online multiplayer “Battle Mode” by the first quarter of 2008. He touts a lot of new racers and that first-timers will be able to do well against veteran players. “A variety of controls” will be available, including a “Wii Wheel” (peripheral steering wheel) for newcomers. It will come packaged with Mario Kart Wii, which ain’t half bad. I’m getting this one, too. And now another video is showing with everyone hyping the Wii and DS, including the retirement home people! Reggie welcomes Nintendo worldwide president Satoru Iwata to talk about the Wii and the worldwide gaming spectrum.

Part Eight: And just when we were to hear more about hardcore games! Iwata says he loves “non-games” and now he’s about to talk about the next-generation of DS games: more cooking, more brain training, face training, and other crap like that. While Iwata talks about all the casual crap, G4 was showing a hair-loss commercial. Hey, Adam Sessler should check that one out! “People will always have different tastes, but everyone can develop a taste for videogames”, Iwata says. Iwata says that Nintendo is trying to find new non-videogame videogame ideas–great. I can’t wait for “DS Exercise: Get Fit, America!” Iwata’s speech was boring, so here comes a new video showing different people introducing themselves to the Wii. The video seems to veer away from the big “non-gamer revolution” the Wii has become and talk about Super Mario Galaxy, which these non-gamers tout as having great graphics. They start talking about Brain Age 2. Reggie: “Brain Age 2 is already more popular than the first in Japan…it will be available here August 20th”. And now he’s back to Galaxy, calling it the first worthy successor to Super Mario 64. He said that the game is a mix of skill and luck, and very accessible to non-gamers–I doubt any over-50 people would want to play Galaxy. He says that it will be available November 12th. Purrtyy good.

Part Nine: Reggie is talking about MySims now, “fully customized characters and environments” touting its exclusivity on Wii and DS. Oh, yes, he’s now talking about High School Musical and Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. Congratulations, Nintendo: you’ve gone from hardcore gaming yet again to non-games and mini-games. Reggie talks about educational games, saying, “Your mom might end up schooling you”. I think your mom would fall asleep playing that game. And another video about the Wii and DS being healthy.

Part Ten: Introducing the latest game in the Wii-series, Wii Fit, providing exercise to everyone. People are doing push-ups, hula-hooping, and other routines while using the Wiimote and nunchuk. Yes, and now they’re showing people doing yoga. Miyamoto is now up, saying that he didn’t want to demonstrate Mario Kart or Galaxy or Brawl, just this game. He felt that “health” was extremely important, and now three personal trainers are going to demonstrate the game. And now Miyamoto is acting like a personal trainer, himself. And now step-aerobics is being introduced. The device the trainers were using was the “Wii Balance Board”, which is lightweight, measures weight, balance, and Miyamoto says it provides full-body movement as control movement. It’s wireless, too. Reggie is going to get a body check, now. “My body is ready”, Reggie says, laughter from the press. The game looks kind of like a bore. Miyamoto says that body weight will not be displayed, rather BMI (body mass index). There’s a “soccer heading” competition included in the game, hilariously ridiculous. Reggie versus Miyamoto, and a soccer theme plays, Reggie FTW. And they’re done.

And that’s it.
Post-coverage & SONY Press Conference later.



E307: What to Expect from Nintendo Today E307: Nintendo Press Conference [Breakdown]

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