E307: When Bloggers Blog Press Conferences [Part One]

July 10, 2007 at 2:39 pm Leave a comment

Tonight, at 8:30PM PDT (that means 10:30PM for central timers and 11:30PM for easterners), Microsoft will hold their annual E3 conference, to be followed at 9:00AM PDT by Nintendo’s conference and 11:30AM PDT with SONY’s conference. Bloggers are traditionally glued to their computer screens when big events happen–and I’m not just talking gaming bloggers. Tech bloggers blog CES, Automotive bloggers blog the Detroit Auto Show, television bloggers blog the TCA conferences and Upfront presentations, movie bloggers blog big premieres, and so on and so forth. So, I’m actually considering blogging at least SONY’s big press conference. How should I do it? When 2:30PM eastern time rolls around (yes, my local time) tomorrow, I’ll pull out a nice carton of Breyer’s vanilla ice cream, or perhaps go the normal route: a large container of salted Planters peanuts accompanied by raspberry apple Vitamin Water and possibly some whip cream just for the fun of it and watch the conferences unfold. I might need some extra hands to stuff a bunch of Planters in my mouth all the while furiously typing 100 words a minute to get everything ready. And also hands to turn on the television to G4 (yes, the first and ONLY time I will watch the dreaded non-gaming gaming channel) to see what Brian and Morgan of the PSP-hating gaming show X-Play have to say about all of everyone’s press conferences. And maybe a few extra hands to get “Print Screens” of the big conferences. Okay, so I’m really exaggerating, but blogging press conferences is surely one big hassle. But I do it for the blog. I do it for the blog, yes. My motivation is the smiles on your faces seeing me blog this whole thing, or at least the smile on my face after I accomplish the whole schnaz. And 2 more podcasts.



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