E307: What to Expect from Microsoft Tonight

July 10, 2007 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

Tonight at 8:30PM PDT/11:30PM EDT, Microsoft will begin their press conference, kicking off three days of press conferences and big news from developers and manufacturers. Being that Microsoft is currently at the top of the gaming helm, all eyes are on Microsoft to see whether they will answer Nintendo, not SONY. The Wii came out dominant and is nearing XBOX 360 sales, selling in record numbers across the world. A few more months of piping Wii sales (and preparation for the Japanese and American favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl) could mean trouble for Microsoft, so they’re trying to get the word out about new software. But, there could be surprises from the manufacturing giant if they decide to push forth a rumored price-cut and more. Check after the jump for our expectations…

  • Microsoft will lower the price of the 360- Considering the threat Nintendo has been in the past few months and the fact that software is driving the 360’s success and not necessarily moving hardware, it seems that Microsoft will lower the price of the hot device by at least $50, and each model too. Yesiree, that includes the Elite. [Spotted at Gizmodo]
  • The gaming division will announce support for the “dying 360s”- This is everyone’s biggest gripe with Microsoft. Nearly two years after the horror that was the 360 launch, Microsoft has learned two things: 1) SONY and Nintendo had superb launches and 2) Their support sux! Thus, I suppose we’ll hear better things from Microsoft in way of replacing the dying 360s, a breed of XBOX’s made to destroy man’s entertainment.
  • Microsoft will HINT or announce an XBOX portable- I don’t want it to happen, but I know that Microsoft is about to take the next step. This one’s a hit or miss for Microsoft; they will have to release software near immediately that is killer and will move devices or Nintendo and SONY, well mainly Nintendo, will devour them whole.
  • MGS4 will be a multi-platform game and kill SONY- This is the one SONY executives have been ultimately fearing, but come Konami’s press conference, everyone will remain quiet, waiting for the slightest indication that Metal Gear Solid 4, which previously was SONY-exclusivity territory, will hit the XBOX 360 and it will mark another unfortunate setback for SONY.
  • A boatload of games will be announced from surprising developers- The PS3 has really failed to become everything SONY wishes it would become, but it will take SONY some more time before reaching domination. Microsoft will surely announce a boatload of first-party and second-party games (and preview Halo 3 extensively, I imagine) and ensure that they tell Nintendo and SONY they’ve got the third-party locked down.


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