Hot Brain All Ready to Go…

May 17, 2007 at 10:04 pm Leave a comment

Midway’s Brain Age-like Hot Brain is all done and ready to ship on June 18th (US)/June 28th (EU). We’ve considerably hyped the game because it reminded us of DS fanboys who continually criticized SONY and the PSP for lacking to provide games that didn’t only involve shooting and sports (LocoRoco proved them wrong and Hot Brain can, too). IGN had a preview and said “The build we saw yesterday was a polished copy of the one Midway let us get our hands on in April. Gone were the placeholder graphics and text boxes, but the musical challenges and shape recognition exams were still there and kicking our butts.” Additionally, they finally remarked: “Packed with 15 exams, three difficulties, daily brain temperature tracking and co-op as well as competitive multiplayer modes, there’s plenty to keep would-be brainiacs busy in Hot Brain.” The game is finally ready to go and we can’t wait for it to be shipped. Don’t miss our ongoing coverage for this much hyped game.


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