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foryourconsideration_small.gif {For Your Consideration} is a series that the blog writes weekly on Mondays. It will follow off-beat video game topics, current event rants, and other topics that I rarely discuss or that are unrelated to the blog. Enjoy!

It was originally thought of that magazines should be only in print. Since the turn of the century, though, people have been thinking of ways to turn print into electronics. Newspapers and magazines have truly lost sales thanks to online outlets–and sites which pioneered the “subscription only” venue (like Time) have quickly regretted it. In today’s modern world, magazines are been made online and distributed online. One of the magazines we really like is HGZine (Handheld Gamerzine), an interactive magazine that has numerous previews, reviews, screens, and even videos embedded into the magazine.

Released occasionally (it seems as if there’s no set timeline), the magazine is loaded with features. Though only in its second issue, it has a devoted fanbase and all of its issues are for free. This issue, WipEout Pulse graced the cover, and previews inside of Diner Dash, reviews of SOCOM and MGS, and others looked very hot. The magazine is made in the UK, so there’s a combination of unreleased and released games from America, Japan, and Australia reviewed and previewed.

The magazine is a small and easy download, is very informative, and flows very well. Though people cannot download it to their PSP, each issue is packed with multimedia that the PSP cannot handle–and with exclusive looks and reviews, it seems as if it is actually worth it to look at. HGZine, as well as other magazines that “GamerZine” operates, are easy to navigate around. By making navigation easy, HGZine doesn’t have to worry so much about getting pages to flow smoothly–they have to worry about the quality of their articles.

Even though we’ve seen so much content from the site, we’d like a PSP formatted version in the future. Vids and multimedia are all nice–but viewing it on the PSP would be amazing. Additionally, the magazine could actually pair music, videos, and more with the magazine to be viewed separately. Still, HGZine and this line of GamerZines are informative, interesting, and creative, and it’s unforgettable.



Downloadable Content headed to PSP in the distant future Square Enix Party :: Crisis Core Coming 9/13/07 in Japan…

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