Previewrama :: The Elder Scrolls Travels Oblivion

April 12, 2007 at 1:48 am 1 comment

Previewrama :: The Elder Scrolls Travels Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was perhaps one of the biggest games that hit the market last year. And this year, it’s redefining quality on the PS3. Now, Bethesda is looking towards bringing a mobile edition to the PSP sometime in the Fall or near the holiday season. Even though the game is very much like its console siblings, it will take place in a different area and carry a different storyline than Oblivion did. Perhaps not much is known of this game just yet, but we can speculate, aye?

We’re looking forward to a very open RPG-driven gameplay. Because that’s what the PSP needs the most. If Bethesda delivers, this game could sell off the shelves like hotcakes. Firstly, we need very beautiful cutscenes that showcase the true beauty of the PSP. We expect graphics to be top notch, so it should be no problem creating a mini-movie that is dazzling and spectacular. Yet again, your character should have the choices to do whatever he or she pleases. Perhaps this will provide longevity in the game (something PSP games rarely do) and allow for players to play again with different scenarios.

At the same time, the game should include some decent extras. I’m hoping that Oblivion will follow the lead of WipEout Pulse and allow for downloadable content. Like Tekken, you should be able to download some of the movies straight to  your PSP for consistent playback whenever you want it. Like our friend LocoRoco, you should be able to take in-game photos and save them to your hard disk (for example, when you found a secret hint, you’d be able to remember where it was). And finally, perhaps Bethesda could add extra content for download to add to the game once the fun is over through the growing online PSP store or through digital distribution online (like WipEout Pure).

I’m crossing my fingers that Bethesda Softworks will also give the game its own flavor. Don’t make the game too much similar to the 360 and PS3 editions. At the same time, pack as much content as you can without ramping up loading times. Even though the game has been delayed until Quarter 4 of 2007 (the PS3 edition was also delayed from launch to March, by the way), I’m hopeful that its still on. I’m looking forward to this wild ride.



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