Previewrama :: Crisis Core

April 10, 2007 at 10:58 pm 1 comment

Previewrama :: Crisis Core

Square Enix has never shown some love for the PSP, so it’s finally time to deliver. At least in Japan, Square Enix is planning to make it big with numerous Final Fantasy remakes. But, we all have played them before, right? We’re looking for something original. Square Enix plans to deliver with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, which is expected to arrive sometime in the Summer or Fall in Japan, Europe, Australia, and here in the US. We’re crossing our fingers it will be a very enjoyable experience, mainly because VII remakes have never been stellar (Dirge of Cerberus was perhaps one of the worst FF games yet). From what we’ve heard right now, it’s set to be a stellar game. And that’s exactly what will make Nintendy fanboys cry…

Zack Fair and Cloud Strife are returning in Crisis Core, but the game will be played and perhaps be very different than original Final Fantasy experiences. For one, Square Enix is working with a handheld with superb graphical capabilities here. A new battle system (boldly titled Digital Mind Wave) will allow for battles to be completed with more precision (your enemy’s SP will appear in the top-left corner) while still exposing the delicious graphics. Power-ups and command bar spells are very traditional, luckily, so the avid Final Fantasy fan won’t have to pick up much.

Everyone’s wondering about Genesis, this new mysterious character, who is perhaps rebellious. We’re unsure about how his character will play out in this story-driven RPG, but we can just imagine that he will have a major role. Angeal, also a newbie, will be the SOLDIER’s mentors. His friendship with Zack is supposed to be a big part of the storyline. I can only imagine that both Genesis and Angeal will play big roles.

There’s no real information about Crisis Core besides what I’ve told you. The simple fact of the matter is that we should find out a lot more at Square Enix’s “party” in May, which is supposed to reveal a lot about Crisis Core‘s gameplay, graphics, and cutscenes. We’re looking forward to everything Square Enix is offering us–especially on a graphical and technical prowess such as the PSP. Crisis Core is expected sometime in the Summer for our friends in Japan; “TBA” for the other territories.


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