Analysis: PSP Advertising Campaign #26,709

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PSP Advertising Campaign #26,709

SONY’s PSP advertising campaigns have always been smart. </sarcasm> Yeah, small animals talking about a PSP and making sexual references while looking at little game footage. A woman leaving her boyfriend a memory stick for him to find. And now this. Some asshole down at SONY combined DELL’s ill-fated “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” commercials with Cheez-Its’ semi-hilarious “Get Your Own Box” motto, thus creating “Dude, get your own”. Did they shoot this guy yet?

I’m usually defending SONY in the majority of my opinion articles. Yet, SONY keeps on messing up. Especially with their advertising. The PS3 advertisements were simply just scary, but these PSP ads make gamers look like naive 12-year olds who still use “dude” daily. I said in an earlier opinion article about how SONY couldn’t sell PSPs because of advertising. Here’s an excerpt:

I feel that the main source of the problem could be that advertising is holding SONY back. They’ve invested millions into airing dustball and squirrels on television and making one-line/word wisecracks that are hardly humorous. Additionally, it does not reveal the PSP’s capabilities and does not in any way mention any of the PSP’s multimedia features. Most recently, ads showcasing a woman giving a man a 1GB memory stick that’s attached to a note saying, “Find Me” most likely won’t work.

That’s enough to tell you that most of these ads will simply just further destroy the PSP’s chances. In Europe, the advertising was great until SONY introduced them to the horrifying dustball ads. Even in Japan, SONY has found a better way to introduce the capabilities of the device and integrate pricing with a pretty good 10 second commercial. Why can’t they do that in America?

SONY is running themselves into a hole. Heck, for ONCE, advertise the game, mkay? How about Ratchet & Clank or Metal Gear Solid; even GTA could push more people to the PSP. Nintendo doesn’t make use of any flashy catchphrases or dustballs to sell the DS. So how can the PSP’s library be full of great games and SONY not utilize a single piece of gameplay to entice the potential PSP buyer?

Jeez. Gameplay, SONY. Please.



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