GDC 07: Keynote Predictions

March 6, 2007 at 12:24 am 1 comment

Believe it or not, we’re just two days (at least on my side of the world) away from Phil Harrison’s exciting GDC keynote. We’ve been hyping this like no other, but it’s our predictions that may be a good indication of what’s ahead. SONY is trying to restrengthen their image–a lot of which has been tarnished by the PS3’s price and the delay of good first-party games & the PSP’s so called “death”, which is not occurring after all. Yet, SONY has some bright spots and they will [hopefully] try to focus on these points and move towards the future.

1 ~ SONY will announce new ways to play PSOne games– SONY really flawed us last year when they didn’t bring the expected PSOne emulation service to PCs and straight to PSPs. Instead, they brought it through the “Playstation Store”, only available via PS3. The capabilities of the PSP with a PS3 at its side are just overwhelming, but the majority of PSP owners don’t own PS3s as well (one of them being myself) and aren’t planning to get them any time soon. They will need to come up with a solution to this problem. Downside: SONY may just announce that Playstation 3-owners will soon be able to play PSOne games on their PS3.

2 ~ SONY will announce a partnership & a movie download store for PSP & PS3– SONY has been trying to target Apple’s iTunes since the dawn of time with their flailing CONNECT service. The most this service offers is a handful’s worth of 5 minute videos previewing content.We expect that SONY will partner up with MovieLink or Amazon Unbox to create a movie download store for PSP & PS3 that can be accessed via computer. Downside: SONY may forget to bring a straight-to-PSP download system that can be accessed via Wi-Fi with the PSP.

3 ~ SONY will announce a sequel or expansion to LocoRoco — We’ve received numerous confirmations of this, so we expect that all will go through. SONY might not show anything in terms of videos, photos, or music, but they will reveal that a sequel or expansion (or maybe even a mobile rendition) of LocoRoco is making its way to the PSP or another list of SONY’s electronic devices. Downside: It may just be mobile and SONY might leave PSP players in the dark for a while longer.

4 ~ SONY will announce a slew of first-party games for both the PSP & PS3 — Besides Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and MotorStorm, SONY must depend on third-party developers to bring the bulk of hyped games this year. It was my advice to SONY and it’s my prediction that Sony Computer Entertainment will announce a slew of first-party games for both the PSP & PS3. Downside: The news on first-party games might be new and shady until E3Expo and TGS.

5 ~ SONY will try to boost the network capabilities of both the PSP & PS3 — SONY’s Playstation Network is truly a lot of fun. If demonstrations and my testing at stores are correct, the system is pretty flawless. They could add more, like VoIP chat (Skype, perhaps), an IM client, and more. This would all fit the PS3’s multimedia path, but would require an affordable headset and small keyboard peripherals for the PSP. I wouldn’t be surprised if SONY announced a keyboard, reduced the price on the current headset, and introduced the Playstation Network with VoIP later this year/early next year. Downside: SONY may only make many of the Playstation Network features available to PS3 owners.

Hope you like. I’m sure I’ll be wrong on a few of them, but there’s room to hope, right? Cya March 7th.



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