February 25, 2007 at 7:48 pm 1 comment

Tidbits is a weekly column coming every casual Friday with news from the industry about the industry and nothing else. That being the gaming industry!

The gaming industry, this week, continues to prep for GDC 07:

  • PSPFanboy was very giddy to announce that Monster Hunter 2 might be coming to the US, right as crowds were lining up to get the game and half-a-million people bought it on the first day. With the game being this big, it is no wonder that SONY is trying to get the game over here.
  • Virtua Fighter 5, the first true fighting game for the PS3, was raved by everyone who reviewed it. But, many complained that the Sixaxis controller didn’t adequately make gameplay fun. Now, Hori is introducing a PS3 fighting controller so you can play Virtua until the end of time.
  • Despite the next-gen consoles and PS2 outselling the portables, the PSP had a great month of January, selling 211,000 units. Some say that it’s because the DS was simply very hard to find. Others say that it was because of the continuing MGS-effect and maybe even GTA dropping to only $29.99.
  • flOw was released to the Playstation Store this week for a mere $7.99. The game was being hyped by many, some who originally thought that it would be a game bought in stores. Instead, the game can be played in a mere few hours. Now, though, Ryan Block of Engadget is calling it the “killer app” for the PS3 right now. Really? We think Virtua Fighter is.
  • Very few people can actually think of a reason that Nintendo’s latest Wii channel (Everybody Votes) actually exists. Some say that it might be because Nintendo wants to test the road with a portal for online gameplay. Others say that Nintendo just wants to ensure that people don’t get bored with Wii channels. Wii Fanboy took you through it, but the majority of people voted that the channel teh sucks.


GDC 07: Coverage Plans We’re #10!

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  • 1. rblock  |  February 26, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    Could be! But for me it’s usually something beguilingly simple that makes me stop and say hey, this system ain’t half bad. I know for a lot of people that was Geometry Wars for the 360; it was definitely LocoRoco that renewed my interest in the PSP, no doubt.


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