Me Got a Wii!

February 13, 2007 at 11:18 pm 1 comment

Hey, all! I’ve been talking about this since the dawn of time. It’s been a very depressing past few months to see myself transition again from SONY fanboyism all the way back to Nintendo. Honestly, though, SONY hasn’t fooled us all with the Playstation 3. As much as the PS2 and PSP are great devices, SONY overpushed the barrier enough to make the PS3 to expensive for the average gamer to purchase. Secondly, the games have been extremely hard to produce. Thus, we’re seeing a shortage of good PS3 games out on the playing field. SCEA/J/E has been reluctant to bring out good first-party titles (R&C, Killzone?, God of War?) and others are skipping the PS3 because they don’t see how they can make a profit.

On the consumer side, I chose the Wii for its revoluntarily design and inexpensive price. It’s a purchase that made me feel good about myself. I lined up at a Target at 4:30 in my neighborhood and spent a record 3 1/2 hours standing in the frigid 5-degree weather to receive my Wii. The security guard, who was supposed to hand out tickets, came at 7:50, so none of the early-birds could even spend any time in their car to warm up while waiting. At 8:00, I received my ticket (BTW: I was #1!) and I skipped–okay walked–to the cashier where I got my Wii.

I didn’t pick up WarioWare or Zelda simply because that’s beyond my affordability right now. Luckily, I’ll be cashing in sooner or later to buy Mario Party and WarioWare before Metroid and Brawl comes out later in the year. This will not abandon me from my PSP loving. I love the PSP more than anything I’ve ever had. It does too much for my own good, and that’s a really excellent thing. I’m sorry to alienate my SONY fanboys, but this blog now also becomes a Wii-related blog. *Tear*



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