Podcast Frenzy for 2/4/07

January 30, 2007 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

Podcast Frenzy is a brand new series coming to you every week before a podcast. It will have previews of inside exclusives, planned specials, and more, along with previewing the news for ahead. 

Podcasting, to me, has always been my enemy. I love to do it so much, but it is, somewhat, time consuming considering that I’m so busy and that I like to surf more than I like to play computer apps. Nonetheless, I record a 10 minute podcast every Sunday (or at least I’m supposed to), but I never reach my deadlines. My recording is usually done the day before when I don’t procrastinate. Since I am part-outdoorsman and part-nerd blogger, I spend my Saturdays doing things outside and Sundays inside blogging and gaming. At around late-September, my workload began to pile on top of me–literally–and there’s been very little way for me to record. Now, though, my workload is not quite as high as before, so I’ll be able to continue wih my podcasts.

This week in podcast-phoria, I’m bringing out a new format to our podcasts (our beloved anthem & my quirky sayings will stay, though, I promise) that will put more exclusives and more LocoRoco-news into it. This will include my top 5 favorite LocoRoco levels. I’ve always dreamt of having a weekly top 5 list, and if it all goes down well, you might see more “Top 5” lists in my podcast.

I will not veer away from my off-beat news, though. Sonic:Rivals deserves some attention, because it has been panned by critics, but I find it a brilliant driving game that almost resembles the 16-bit masterpieces that made Sonic a classic. I’m going to have a follow-up review to Sonic:R on the podcast, revealing whether I’d decrease or increase the rating with what I know now–that includes actual multiplayer play, and an 88% completion rate in story mode. I’ve also collected cards, changed outfits, and pretty much maximized the game to its fullest extent somewhat.

In addition to my feature-packed podcast, I’ll have the usual: MuiMui Tips for the Christmas demo, news on a mobile edition and sequel(s) to LocoRoco, and an exclusive preview to next week.

I hope to see you there :).


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