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Tidbits is a weekly column coming every casual Friday with news from the industry about the industry and nothing else. That being the gaming industry!

The industry laughed at SONY (yet again) and praised Nintendo this week, but with so many more left to go until the big GDC event, there’s question to who will be laughing then.

  • Last week, we reported how there were so many questions to the European PS3 release. This week, SONY announced a 3/23 release date for the PS3, but unfortunately coming for around $800+ and only in 60GB form. We used to think that Europe loved SONY, but with this bombshell, I can say this no more. UPDATE: Gizmodo just told the world that SONY is pushing the Canadian 60GB price to $699 (ouch) and discontinuing the 20GB model there.
  • Nintendo released the Wii News Channel for Wii-owners and analysts mulled the possibly of a Games Channel that would allow for the download of original games. My question is: how does Nintendo plan to fit originals on a device that makes use of a small 512MB flash drive? Ahem: make the Wii-SD cards cheaper.
  • More PSOne games went to the Japanese PS3 store, but still no non-PS3 launch. SONY: you’ve only sold a handful of these. Do you even expect to get these PSOne games sold if you’re not catering them to anyone else but both PS3 and PSP owners?
  • Homebrewers win round 2,563: another GTA exploit allows for a v3.03 downgrade. That means that many people who’ve taken the time to upgrade legally and do things legally can dump that in the toilet and bring themselves to homebrew-phoria. The homebrew world already got mad at Andrew Yoon for his comment against the homebrewers.
  • Phil Harrison will be keynoting the GDC (or Game Developers Conference). He might as well, because the press would be throwing tomatoes if Kutaragi did it.

Lovely Friday, isn’t it? Enjoy, and I’ll see you all next week!


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