CES/MWorld: Apple Boasts iPhone, Apple TV, and Changes Name…

January 9, 2007 at 9:02 pm Leave a comment

Apple’s annual Macworld a.k.a. most press frenzy we’ve seen at a technology event since ever event was the stage for the Cingular-only revealing of the iPhone, Apple’s new do-it-all that will try to conquer the cell phone market just like Apple already has the Mp3 market. Unlike the majority of its competitors, this one has a 3.5″ inch screen, 4/8 GB of massive storage for movies, pictures, music, and practically anything else you can think of, beautiful support for internet viewing and more, Bluetooth capability, a 2MP camera, and oh yes, a $499/$599 price. The technology gurus will have to choose this baby over a PS3. I guess we’ll have to see how/if this thing might actually sell considering its costly price tag. But, as Joystiq is quick to point out, who cares about the phone and multimedia aspects of it when they’re so many capabilities for it as a gaming device to play Flash games, small Apple-run apps, and cell-phone like applications from EA Games. It uses a system that is completely touch: made for your fingers. Uh-oh; Nintendo, somebody stole your innovation.


The expected unveiling of the “iTV”, now simply dubbed Apple TV, was pretty low-key. Some information pointed out to exactly how the box works. The box will transmit your music, video, and photos from your computer, through the box, and to the TV. Luckily, it’ll also store all of the content on the device & allow you to pull the content from websites like Apple.com. I’m sure 1,378,322,101 people have already said this but can anyone think of two words that could relate to the latter statement?: YouTube! It’ll go on sale soon and cost $299.

In other news, Apple has officially changed their name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. signifying that they are no longer solely just a computer company. Especially because nearly/or maybe even over half of their revenue accounts for the iPod and its wondrous catalog of accessories. Apple might not be able to sell computers worthy of being the victor, but the iPod and its accessories can surely rake up some mula for them, if you know what I’m saying!



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