[UPDATE] CES: New XBOX 360 Coming with HDMI?

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Microsoft’s XBOX 360 was revealed and put on sale one year before the Wii and PS3. The PS3’s technological advancements scared Microsoft a little bit–an HDMI port worth 1080p resolution, complete [sort of] backwards compatibility with the PS2, next-generation Blu-Ray technology, etc., etc. So, does this mean that Microsoft is considering/planning a second version of the XBOX 360 to compete with the PS3 at a similar or the same price as before? Engadget claims that Microsoft is readying 120 gigs for this baby, and maybe even a nice TV service to go with it, called “IPTV“.

EDIT:  GameSpot revealed that Microsoft has confirmed IPTV for the 360, in partnership with many different telecommunication companies:

Robbie Bach, head of the Entertainment divison at Microsoft, stated that the IPTV service will launch with five partners–including AT&T, British Telecom, Deutsch Telecom, and Swiss Telecom–and that 11 other telcos are “in trial or evaluation.” Yankee Group program manager Michael Goodman, a senior analyst at the research firm who oversees all digital entertainment coverage, said the announcement confirms the Xbox 360 as an “entertainment device,” not just a game machine, and bridges the TV/PC divide, something Microsoft has long sought to do. “This is their nirvana,” Goodman told GameSpot. “They’ve been trying to get into the living room for years, and what’s their first success? Xbox.”





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