Holiday Guide: Puzzler’s Paradise

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Puzzler’s Paradise

By now, you probably are well aware that the PSP is big on puzzles and shooting. Game developers across the world, though, are now getting into the puzzler gaming craze on handheld gaming devices, and this year, big developers have came out big with some very high-profile puzzle releases. So which are the best puzzlers to get for PSP?

5: WTF ($29.99) Rated E for everyone

D3’s WTF, standing for Work Time Fun, is the unemployer’s dream. You finally get to do a bunch of wacko jobs, earn cash, and unlock minigames and prizes. The game itself is pretty much a compilation of many different games, but it fits the PSP to a tee. The insane Japanese gameplay remains the same even in the US version and is a reccomendation for people who enjoy small minigames that don’t require much thinking.

4: Mercury Meltdown ($29.99) Rated E for everyone

Navigate your mercury blob through mazes of maps and you will feel bored with this game. Navigate your blob, earn points, go into hidden areas, and more, and this game will turn into a maze full of fun and enjoyability. It’s replayability and superb quality makes it not just a puzzler reccomendation, but a reccomendation for PSP owners who were stuck playing other games like it on the console. Its affordability and good ESRB rating doesn’t hurt it, either.

3: Lemmings ($39.99) Rated E for everyone

This classic puzzler hit finally comes to the PSP, but in style. Navigate these small creatures through dangerous maps by having them do stunts (dig, crawl, walk, hide, run, etc.). This puzzler is quite amazing and it’s obviously a reccomendation to any classic gamer. The price might be a turn off, because the game doesn’t have as much replayability as it should, but even so, Lemmings is stil lreccomended.

2: Every Extend Extra ($29.99) Rated E for everyone

Every Extend Extra is almost as addictive as Lumines. The game, from the creators of Lumines & Gunpey, achieves success on the PSP when it shows its beautiful graphical mess. You play a shooter that blows up things on contact and creates other reactions with it. By raking up the score, you will automatically feel glad you did, but want to achieve even more. This addictive mess could be hard on some eyes, though, but its bargain basement price and replayability is enough to make it a viable puzzler on your list.

1: Lumines II ($29.99) Rated E for everyone

It should come as no surprise that this puzzler is our #1. Q? Entertainment’s highly anticipated sequel to Lumines, a Tetris-like game where you match blocks by color, fully invigorates the original experience with some new grooves. You bring four-square blocks down a row and match them with other colors as a beam comes and eliminates four colors in a block to the tune of a popular song. This small and easy task becomes an addictive way to enjoy gaming. The sequel is in fact, to me, better than the original and deserves praise. If you don’t have this game, you are truly not maximizing your PSP’s capabilities. Its bargain-basement price, easy replayability, and addictive songs are all enough to make it #1 on our Puzzler’s Paradise list. Enjoy!





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