Analysis: ‘Lite’r games help the DS

November 30, 2006 at 10:08 pm Leave a comment

Everyone is out to get SONY. They want their money back. The PSP has not lived up to expectations. While a sleek, but expensive handheld, the PSP’s set of good games either involve shooting, racing, or fighting. While many people don’t care, the core of the non-gaming market is completely running to the DS Lite. With Nintendo being able to sell out at least 16 different DS color variants, there is a question that must loom in the mind of SONY execs: what did we do wrong?

Was it positioning the PSP as a multimedia device? Sort of. They hyped its capabilities, even promised a CONNECT service, but never followed through. SONY-produced video content is very little, even despite their vast library of music, music videos, and movies. Partly thanks to the fact that they own about half of the music and movie industry. They’ve failed to bring content to the PSP as frequently as they’ve wanted to and they’ve failed to make more websites PSP-friendly.

Was it the horrendous advertising that was very little and awkward when seen? Sort of. The squirrels and the dustballs were just an indication that SONY was trying to attract which market, again? Nobody liked the commercials and more and more ran. These ads simply disattracted people from a device that is so well coordinated with such a wide library of games.

Was it the boatload of games that were either ports, rehashes, remakes, or sequels? GTA, SOCOM, Daxter, and Gran Turismo. Why can’t any PSP game be original and unique like LocoRoco. Very few have achieved the feat, and all haven’t been hyped as well as they good. Lumines and LocoRoco are great and heavily raved games that weren’t hyped nearly as much as a few rehashes of GTA.

Or was it simply not being able to compete with Nintendo? Nintendo offers the DS Lite at a far cheaper price, consistently focusing on improving games. Final Fantasy III, Metroid Prime, and others have all hit the DS. But, uniqueness and diversity always prevails. It was the Nintendogs series that made Nintendo unbeatable. Loveable dogs of your own right from your screen. And especially on a device like the DS Lite, Nintendogs makes the most out of $30 you might have spent on it. Additionally, New Super Mario Bros. and Brain Age are DS-exclusives that are fun and interesting, like more games. Except that they appeal to a wide variety of gameplayers. Whether it be the veterans who enjoy classics, Nintendo fanboys who are addicted to everything Nintendo brings out, and the newbie gamers (such as women, younger children, and older adults), Nintendo has appealed to all brands.

The games are ‘lite’r. By that, I mean easier to understand, easier to play, and appealing to a wide variety of genders and demographics. That, alone, is enough to make the DS prevail. The PSP has already lost this handheld race, but they should have taken their notes. Nintendo has a large hole in the market, and they’re willing to use all of their experience to ensure their lead in the market devastates SONY until they give up on it entirely. Unfortunately, the PSP is still selling steadily, which is enough to buy SONY more time to make up for the mistakes and start planning a sequel. Hopefully one that will help to expand some of the lost multimedia features while continuing the UMD series so that older games will be playable.

Lite. Embrace it.



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