[v3.00]- Firmware Overviews, Reviews, Impressions….

November 21, 2006 at 11:33 pm Leave a comment

Firmware [v3.00] has finally arrived!

The firmware includes:

  • PLAYSTATION Network titles are now supported under [Game].
  • [Remote Play] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • Timed recording has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel].
  • A visual player has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • [Camera] has been added as a feature under [Photo].
  • [UMD Auto-Start] has been added as a feature in [System Settings] under [Settings].

Here’s my overview of features that currently work with my PSP:

  • The visual player: this feature allows for you to view several different background moving images while playing music or any type of audio. This includes an equalizer, a wave, and other WMP-esque designs. This is a handy feature for anyone who gets tired of their background or anyone who gets bored. Hopefully, this will open up to further customization by where people will be able to play small videos in the background (Lumines II-esque) 9.6/10
  • RSS Timed Recording: this feature enables podcast-hungry PSP owners to receive updates every day at a certain time. This will ensure that no matter what the case, the latest episode of…our podcast, for example…is never missed. Because it is always downloaded. Unfortunately, there is no day-week system which would enable for updates to be checked every Sunday for our podcast. It’ll simply check everyday. Not so good for a weekly podcast. It must get annoying. 6.9/10
  • UMD-Auto Start: This feature is perhaps the best fix coming to the PSP. After nearly a year of seeing my UMD game (for instance, LocoRoco) starting before I really wanted it to, there is finally a feature that can switch it on and off. This further allows for customization of PSP settings & gives us annoyed PSP owners a break. 10/10
  • Remote Play: I don’t have a PS3–I never will (because I am getting a Wii)–but even so, this is a good and attractive feature for the few PS3 owners who want to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the system. Remote Play enables for access to the XMB (a.k.a. the menu for the PS3) to replay videos and music/view photos on the PSP. Here’s two one vids: here and here. N/R (no rating)
  • Online Instruction Manuals: coming soon
  • Camera: Just simply a link to something that hasn’t arrived as yet for non-Japanese PSP owners.
  • Fast-forwarding: Instead of doing the quite slow 2 speed fast forwarding, you can finally do 3 speed! Yipee! Nuff said. 9.9/10
  • Playstation Network Titles: NOT released yet and I don’t have a PS3 😛

More beautiful updates ahead!


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