My Holiday List v1.0

November 13, 2006 at 3:12 am Leave a comment

What with the holiday season approaching, everyone needs/wants–usually wants– something good to play. Everyone will be putting either a WII, PS3, or iPod on their list. Fortunately, I don’ have to. I just recently picked up the 2nd gen iPod nano and I will be picking up a WII come next Summer (if it isn’t still sold out by then…).

Meanwhile, I have quite a few games, accessories, books, CDs, and more that I really want to pick up and I thought that I’d share my holiday list with you:

LocoRoco Soundtrack- Nuff said, here. The music is ingenious. Crazy addictive; I find myself singing it at the oddest times. No Uta was a small, 4-track game CD that was shoved into the market while we anticipated LocoRoco’s arrival. This soundtrack is one pricey import, but with a lovely 42 tracks, it can satisfy my need for this crazy good music.

iPod Radio Remote- I used to hate the iPod. I hated the iPod with a vengeance. Only because of its lack of a sensible radio that could give me pleasure when I’m in the gym (I have TVs in the gym that send the sound into the radio signal) or when I’ve run out of good songs to listen to. Costly, but small and stylish.

Cross– James Patterson is addictive reading. What with his ingenious, sophisticated, and suspensful–all fake–plots, these books are very good. Usually involving Alex Cross, a street-smart ex-DC cop now-FBI agent, who deals with crazy men who kidnap women (and men…). This one continues that saga.

Nature Girl– Ever read some of Carl Hiaasen? Well he’s the most ingenious writer I’ve ever heard of. Not only are his books usually based on Florida and the environment, but they also revolve around multiple characters at one time. Somehow, all of these characters come together in the end. This is what makes his books so enjoyable.

Lumines II- Not into books? Maybe you’re into more PSP games. PSP puzzlers. This Tetris-like game combines collecting blocks of a certain color and beating the clock (which also happens to be to one of the smooth, fine-tuned hit songs from the soundtrack). The original (which I unfortunately don’t have) is addictive gameplay and engages any gamer. This makes the sequel just as addictive and with its bargain basement price, it’s a must for any PSP owner still looking to cash in on its value.

Sonic Rivals- I’ve already spoke of my obsession with Sonic. It’s sort of me solving the problem of not having the DS to play Mario on. Sonic is clearly just as iconic as Mario is, except with a shorter history, and on many different consoles. From what I hear, Rivals is the perfect solution to those icon-less PSP players who are looking for good gameplay. Rivals incorporates a 2D environment with beautiful 3D characters in a racing environment. Definitely a good pick-up.

[1] I’ll be updating this list more and more with goodies I suggest you pick up for this holiday season. Many of which will include LocoRoco themes. Sweet dreams.



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