Wii: $250, 11/19 US Launch, No DVD, One Controller…

September 14, 2006 at 11:49 pm 2 comments

After waiting in anticipation for months and months for final details on the Wii launch, we’ve finally got an answer from Nintendo. Though late, here’s all the details rolled into one.

  • Wii will see it 11/19. Just two days after the PS3 launches in the United States, so will the mighty Wii. This looks to begin some interesting competition between the two.
  • The Wii will cost $250. After as low as $150 and as high as $300 surfaced, the Wii is in the middle and will cost around $250.
  • Wii Sports will be bunded with. A big surprise, but clearly a good move. Nintendo is bundling Wii Sports, the all-in-one game that makes excellent use of the motion-sense controller will be bundled with the Wii standard.
  • No DVD Playback like competitors. Unlike XBOX 360 and PS3, the Wii will go for strict gamers who enjoy only gaming. Without a DVD player, this makes the Wii the cheapest console with the least features. Yippeee for the Wii, right? This just makes Nintendo’s big E3 conference seem like a waste.
  • 1 Controller/Nunchuk; You buy the rest. I kind of expected it. Only one controller/nunchuk will be bundled with the Wii. But, hey, you can buy one for only $40…oops, that’s just the controller. An extra $20 for another nunchuk. To get 4 players in a lovely game of bowling, you will need to spend $240 extra! Heck no.
  • Region Free Games at Launch. At least Nintendo’s games. After putting a lock on games that can be played, the PSP revolutionized the industry by allowing anyone from anywhere to play an exclusive-for-that-country game. The Wii will do the same.
  • Number of First and Third Party Games at Launch. This is something they at least did right. A number of developers have jumped on board to produce some high-profile games. Of course, most of the good ones are from Nintendo, but it will be the third-party games that will allow for revenue.

For those of you who know me over at Cubed3, I said I really wanted a Wii. After all of this, I’m leaning towards pushing out the extra cash for something else. Sure, the games and ideas look really good. But, Nintendo is lacking on the next-gen features. And, as much as we love games, we do love them with improved graphics (Wii uses a last-gen XBOX-like processor). As for now, I’m not really a console gamer anymore…

Oh, as if anyone cared, Microsoft announced the Zune today.


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    Can’t read your comment? Some weird characters!!


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