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LocoRoco is what I’ve lived for since the beginning of summertime. When SONY first announced the game back at TGS05, bloggers loved the game. I was first introduced to LocoRoco during the Game Developers Conference this past year. LocoRoco is a unique 2D side-scroller, pitting you into a world full of happy LocoRocos and MuiMuis. Unfortunately, their world is invaded by the Moja Troop, who eat LocoRocos and destroy all of the fun. Our job as players of the game is to tilt the surface left and right in order to lead our LocoRocos through challenging maps to safety.

Something as simple as that turned into obsession. For days and days on end, I would blog and blog until no return. LocoRoco is such an interesting game that pushes you into a different atmosphere. You use about three buttons in this game to get the surface working. Hit the shoulder buttons to tilt left and right, hold both together to make the surface move so LocoRocos will jump, and use the circle button to both separate and combine LocoRocos. In the end, you are pushed into a world full of fun.

The simplicity of LocoRoco is what makes this game tick. While other games rely on big guns, horrifying colors, and blood to push out a message, LocoRoco relies on bubbly music, vivid graphics, and inspirational attitudes of characters to become a formula for success. When first booting up the game, you come to a unique menu which lets you play World Map games. World Map games is sort of your career. As you finish one map, you get benefits to play mini-games. Additionally, you can move on to new levels.

Mini-games include the somewhat confusing LocoRoco House Editor and the MuiMui Crane and Chuppa games. One round of a mini-game can be bought by what you have earned through World Map games. Parts for the house editor can be found during World Map games, and put into play to make your LocoRoco have some fun. Furthermore, the full soundtrack can be unlocked in the house editor. Besides all of this added fun, options include the ability to share the demo levels with a friend via Ad-Hoc & also snap photos within World Map/House Editor games. One thing that LocoRoco has implemented is a very unique music track. LocoRocos sing in their own language and will eventually be singing along with you in tracks. Also, when the Sun/Nyokkis are sleeping, you can sing to them and they will help you out. The intuitiveness of the gameplay, the wide array of mini-games, and the engaging graphics and music make for something that is hard to beat.

In the end, LocoRoco is an overall great game. Not only is LocoRoco an original game made especially for the PSP, it is fitted for this device so that it will only be used for it. Some people would’ve hoped that the game can be longer, but the point of LocoRoco is to navigate through levels with perfect scores. Furthermore, I feel just fine with the 40+ levels of quirky gameplay. Kudos to SONY for living up to all the expectations.

Graphics: 9.9/10 Gameplay: 9.9/10 Longevity: 9.5/10 Easy-to-play: 10.0/10

Final: 9.825/10* Average Score

For the best resource of info on everything LocoRoco, look no further than here:

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JlMMY’s German Blog: Walkthroughs

LocoRoco Newsletter- Simplicity and Fun Makes LocoRoco Work
…and right here on the blog.



Bought LocoRoco! LocoRoco Podcast #10

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