LocoRoco Reviews: GameSpot 7.7/10

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With all the good reviews, you’d at least expect GameSpot to give it an 8, right? Instead, the game gets a 7.7, and I lose half of my respect for GameSpot as a gaming site. Especially with the lack of good and unique information. BTW: This is the same review posted earlier two months ago. I am re-posting what I originally posted.

GameSpot’s UK website is one of the first major gaming sites to review LocoRoco, and they’ve only given it a 7.7/10. This compares to a [UK] average user rating of 9.3/10 after 73 votes. GameSpot UK’s review allowed us to get a sufficient amount of answers to report back to you.

The Good: Excellent look; really catchy soundtrack; interesting gameplay mechanics; unstoppable charm.

The Bad: Gameplay has a one-track mind, remains mostly the same from start to finish; not an especially long experience.


It was very disappointing to hear that the game is very short and that there aren’t much differences. GSUK thinks that the differences of each world is just presentation and not much else: you still have to get a perfect score of 20/20, etc. and you still have to dodge Mojyas.


[…]there are three minigames to unlock. Two of them–chuppa chuppa and the mui mui crane–focus on you completing a task with the goal of unlocking more Loco House pieces. You’ll have to spend 100 of your pickories to play these games. The third is a level editor that lets you build your own basic LocoRoco levels, but unlocking this third game takes time. There isn’t any multiplayer in the game, but you can share your Loco House and created levels with other players, as well as send a demo level of the game via game-sharing.


GSUK explains a third mini-game that allows you to create your own LocoRoco levels. It seems to me that this mini-game will come with pre-designed components for a simple level to create. It is disappointing, as well, to hear of no multiplayer capabilities or any future plans for it. The ability to use game-sharing & wireless features to share houses and levels is nice, but I’d appreciate it if you could actually share your LocoRocos between Japan and Germany.


The blobby LocoRocos bounce, roll, and squish around in a very cool way, and the cartoony nature of the game infuses it with tons of personality. The music, complete with plenty of unintelligible vocals, is really great. It’s very, very catchy and really adds to the game’s charm. It’ll bore its way into your head and never let go. The rest of the sound effects are also good.


GSUK pretty much says a lot of what Eurogamer had to say about music & graphics: these blobby LocoRocos are really cute, really fun, and really colorful. The music will brighten up your day. There is really nothing negative about the game (unless you think that it is racist…). The review was okay, but I expected more from GSUK. This review shows that GSUK thinks that LocoRoco is a shallow game with good graphics and good sound effects. What many user reviewers say is that gameplay is spectacular. I agree with the user reviewers.



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