Rapala Trophies, Play-Asia Shipping ‘No Uta’, GnG Trashed…

August 31, 2006 at 11:39 pm Leave a comment

Well, here it goes! Rapala Trophies, a fishing game that shipped this week, wasn’t expected to make any dents in the sales charts, or game reviews. But, law and behold, this game beats out football, GTA, Tekken, and ghosts on GameSpot’s PSP chart, ranking at #1 on the overall PSP charts. The thing that’s interesting is the fact that GameSpot, IGN, and 1Up have no information once so ever about this game; the net is very curious about it, so it looks like until anyone has the guts to review it, we’ll just have to hear everything from bakwoodsman/sinistersmoker, who has the game.

As Jimmy reveals on his blog, Play-Asia is shipping the import CD, LocoRoco No Uta. A game CD reportedly carrying 4 tracks is being shipped for $9.90 plus $2.60 (US shipping). The Japanese import was priced at over $12 on Amazon, before shipping. With only four tracks, I imagine that this isn’t currently worth the money. But, considering how popular the music is in Japan, I could just see people picking this up. Interesting. We’ll watch.

If you’ve heard of Ultimate Ghosts N’ Goblins, you’ve heard everyone’s complaints. 1Up editors made the point that this game was too hard. GameSpot claimed that the graphics sucked. IGN was evidently worried about everything. But, I’ve never seen such a game that both hits and misses. The smaller gamer review sites make the point that this is a great attempt that resurrecting GnG. The bigger ones have only nasty things to say about it. We thought this game might be worth checking out, but all the gaming sites have mixed thoughts. What to do? Go on Metacritic, right? In total, MC gives GnG 72/100, which is an average. 1Up and PSM give this baby a 45/100 and 40/100 respectively, trashing the graphics, 2D gameplay, difficulty, and more. EGM, GameSpot, and GameSpy all give it mixed reviews, touting the resurrection of Arthur and pals, but discovering the difficulty. IGN gave this puppy an 8.6/10, which is a great rating. So, mixed, mixed, mixed. What to do, what to do?



[UPDATE] TGS06: Camera/GPS deats released, GT4 Mobile Coming, at All? T-Minus 4 Days: Rock and Roll with LocoRoco, Happy Labor Day…

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