LocoRoco #3 of Most Bizarre Japanese Games; Sales Charts

August 24, 2006 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

Associated Content writer Shawn Grover squares off on the what he thinks to be the most bizarre Japanese games. He ranks LocoRoco #2, saying:

4. LocoRoco for Sony PSP (2006)
Even though the game is to be released in the United States next month, LocoRoco is still creating a large buzz on the internet. Essentially you play as an orange blob who goes through levels for the mere purpose of reaching the goal. The game’s art, colors, and music are all very imaginative and really put you in a good mood. The game is rather simple, as you only control the characters by using the L and R buttons, which tilt the screen and make the LocoRoco roll and bounce toward their goal. Despite its simplicity, it’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face that plays it. The game will be released on September 5th, 2006 in the United States and will sell for $40.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that LocoRoco is on this list? Grover raves this game, almost.

Hope you like my title. It’s very corny but still pretty catchy. Anyways, PSPUpdates reports that LocoRoco is, weeks after its Australian debut, still #2 on the PSP game sales charts down under. It is only beat by GTA: Liberty City Stories in terms of PSP game sales. This is a relief for anyone who saw the UK debut numbers (#25), but is no surprise considering LocoRoco ranks behind Tekken:DR as #2 in Japanese PSP game sales charts. You can also find pics at the site.

As member rl_41 reports to GameSpot-ers, how can Madden NFL be number one on the US 8/14-8/20 game sales charts when just released yesterday? Well, pre-orders. The PS2 version went straight to #1, followed by a stable #2 for the 360 version, #3 for the regular XBOX, and #10 for the PSP edition. #4 and #8 reflect Hall of Fame-edition game sales for the PS2 and 360. New Super Mario Brothers went down hard, nearly falling off the chart. Brain Age remained high, though, and Dead Rising continued its reign. At least a PSP game was on there, right?



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