P!nk PSP Coming; Thoughts on PSOne Emulator

August 21, 2006 at 4:55 pm Leave a comment

First, I’d just like to mention that we have a new banner up top and I hope you really like it. One thing that we were missing from the previous banner was an indication of which blog it is. Now, we have a title in the banner. Hope you like.

PSPFanboy announced that Europe will be getting a pink-colored PSP this October 27th. Helping to launch this pink PSP will be pop musician P!nk, best known for her 2000 single, Get This Party Started. Unfortunately, the U.S. will not be getting this version (similar to the Ceramic White version that was well-hyped for months…). I think that this is a so-so decision: even though SONY is good to finally appeal to the number of women who’ve jumped into the wide world of gaming, there aren’t many games targeting women for PSP (besides LocoRoco), unlike the DS Lite. Nintendo has targeted women with games like Nintendogs, male cheerleading, cooking, Animal Crossing, Mario, and the brain games. No wonder the DS Lite has been released in pink. We’ll see what happens.

With the recent interview with Kaz Hirai (SCEA President) getting so much buzz on gaming sites, I thought I’d square off on how they should do it, what games should be included, and more (similar to TCLCloud’s opinion on the subject…). I believe that SONY should introduce the emulator through a new firmware update, allowing support for the emulator. Customers must then set up the account online, entering credit card or prepaid gift card information, which will be saved. Then, customers should be allowed to pick and choose these games straight from their PSP and purchase. Games should cost no more than $5. Some should be full versions of the original and others should be one-level games, allowing for affordable options to be allowed. Also, SONY should introduce at start-up, popular series like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto, and others (as shown here). Well-known series will then lead into secondary titles and smaller titles to complete the 7,000 or so available titles by 2007. Tell me what you think?



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