Back From Vacation; PSP Re-Price coming Soon?

August 12, 2006 at 10:40 pm

Well, I’m finally back from vacation. It has hurt my blog posting–I haven’t posted in quite a few days, and I will make up for it. Anyways, analysts tell CNN that SONY is looking to soon re-price the PSP to a meager $149–nearly $50 less than the base version ($199). This would set its eyes right in front of the DS Lite, which has seen stellar selling weeks. I’m not sure about this. Even though it is clear that it would help the PSP, it would bring more negativity to the platform. SONY would clearly be losing money and this would be reported on. Now, all we need are $30 games from the start! Woo-hoo. We’ll watch it as it occurs.

My Tekken: Dark Resurrection review is coming up very soon. I can just say that I was very impressed with the game. I’m looking forward to what Bandai Namco offers in the future in terms of good fighting, action, and adventure games. It looks like this game publisher knows exactly how to create good games. Furthermore, Tekken is just $39.99 and has stellar graphics. Yes, it does.

Some good news for the PSP: on the US and Japanese game sales charts, the PSP had a good showing. Tekken:DR continues to dominate PSP game sales, clocking it at #8 after a stellar #5 debut. Quite a fall, but it still makes it up there (and that’s a lot to say for a PSP game). SD Gundam G Generation debuted atop the Japanese game sales charts, finally ending the multi-week reign of New Super Mario Brothers. PSP sales are also reported to be up.
In terms of LocoRoco news, there isn’t much. But, tclcloud (a.k.a. the PSP117 owner) has talked to me about a LocoRoco sequel or PS3 version. Finally, he posted a topic on the LocoRoco forums and he has asked many people about it there. Make sure you sign up to the boards and get discussing. This would be very nice! He offered a sneak peek of an article he has written for our upcoming newsletter:

Recently I wrote a section of a newsletter for Get Loco: Loco Roco Blog about the future of the PSP, which is set to be released on the August 20th, i thought i’d give you a sneak preview of what i wrote……

“Firstly, I’d like to say that the PSP is not dead; neither is it dying in fact. There have been a lot of articles lately saying how the PSP is dying out when in the fact it’s not at all. PSP sales may not be as high as the DS but then they are still at a consistent rate every month while the DS will fade out now seeing as it’s already released its highest profiles games.

The future of the PSP is bright at least. Just this year we’re set to have some great new games, digital camera and GPS and of course the PSOne emulator all on our PSP systems, which is set to have around 7000 ROMS to play by the end of 2007.”

This is only a small section of what i wrote and the full article will be made to available to download after the 20th. Also note that the review is subject to change by myself and by GL:LRB only and as of yet may not appear on any other site without first contacting me.

Ooh, some spoilers. I can’t say much, but you should really get excited for it–August 20th. Just a week away. Our podcast will be available August 19th, as well. Ttyl.



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