Official Lyrics, Zidane could be stripped, No Booms after All, and a very special B-Day…

July 12, 2006 at 4:29 pm Leave a comment

Haven’t posted in a while because I am on a vacation (do give me a break). I have found my weekly contributor, and I will announce it later in the week. I will still accept your e-mails, because I’m looking for some special contributors to our upcoming newsletter. I appreciate that so many people have made this site a must-see everyday.

To LocoRoco news, LocoRoco has been released in Japan (7/13) and the Japanese website has the “official” lyrics. We first spotted it on GameSpot, thanks to member AlphaCananogra. I have not yet had any time to check it out. Please tell me how it goes. On the forums, members Lleonard Pler & ericTHEspy help ask and answer questions on the Chuppa mini-game & finding a flower on the ice level. Both are really resourceful. Member greggman helps you find out how to uploadcreated levels. I am hopeful that LocoRoco will do very well in Japan, after a disappointing U.K. start.

Who’s your daddy now, Andrew Baron? The website claimed that Amanda Congdon “quit” to pursue an acting career in LA. Congdon claims that she was fired. If anyone is a winner, it is sure Congdon. Baron was unable to put up a Rocketboom episode as promised yesterday, but plans one for later today. He is already off-schedule. What can I say? [EDIT] Well, I can say something. Joanne Molan is the temp host until Baron can find a permanent. She’s okay. Molan is not as near funny as Congdon, though. Happy 1st anniversary to commandN! The tech-related video show was extended and featured a large list of guests. I was excited to see the show turn 1 year old. The next year is truly going to be as enjoyable, I hope.

To the World Cup, Italy won (as I reported earlier). But, the spotlight is on Zidane, a retiring Frenchman who headbutted Materazzi in the Finals game this past Sunday. New reports say that Zidane could lose his Golden Ball, a fan-voted award which he received Monday. It is sad to see Zidane go away like this. [EDIT] Zidane was born to Algerian parents in France. It looks like Materazzi might’ve insulted Zidane’s culture/religion and that could’ve resulted in the nasty headbutt. I’ll stay on it.



Italy Wins (Which Means I was Wrong…) Only a 7.7: No Multiplayer, Level Editor, Too Short?

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